Involatus and CTW give impetus to new distribution channel for consolidator content

Involatus Carrier Consulting GmbH has joined the CTW distribution network to distribute its unique content to travel retailers worldwide. Through its close partnerships with airlines Involatus has access to special fares and exclusive charter flight allotments that it distributes to tour operators and travel agencies.

The CTW network allows travel retailers to access unique consolidator content from around the world through a single API. Content providers can expand their market reach to travel management companies, tour operators, and online travel agencies in new geographic regions. Retailers and consolidators can improve their bottom line with the unbeatable performance and functionalities of the CTW Platform:

  • Shop and display all fare brands, bundles and ancillary offerings in a single screen;
  • Guaranteed bookability of results;
  • No look-to-book charges;
  • Automated self-service refund, exchange, and reshop capabilities.

Though its technology CTW is enabling a global network of consolidators to expand their market base. By leveraging the capabilities of CTW retailers can sell more at a lower cost and improve their customer service through automation of the most complex and time-consuming post-ticketing transactions.

Involatus Managing Partner Erkan Türkoral:“Selecting CTW as a partner to boost our expansion plan is a strategic decision, not only because it will allow us to access new markets, but also because CTW provides a better shopping experience for our customers.”

CTW CEO Assen Vassilev: “CTW is very pleased to add Involatus to its network of consolidators and content providers. CTW’s goal is to reduce inefficiencies in the air travel distribution chain from airline to traveler, in this case between consolidators and their customers. We are guided by the belief that this benefits everyone – most importantly the airline passengers who ultimately benefit from lower fares. 

About Involatus: Involatus is an emerging company in the tourism and aviation industry. It distributes seat allotments to tour operators, travel agencies and end consumers. Involatus clients are well-known international airlines and other flight providers which make use of its strong distribution systems in order to optimize the utilization of their flights. Involatus serves around 1.5 million passengers each year.  The company’s goal is to keep low airfares while maintaining high customer service standards.

About CTW:  CTW has developed several generations of airline shopping and pricing systems.  The CTW Platform provides complete shopping, fares and pricing, reshopping and ancillaries. CTW Network connects content providers and retailers worldwide.  CTW Platform currently provides final pricing and repricing for 20% of all ARC/BSP issued airline tickets in the world and has operations in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. 


Etem Esendemir, Business Development Manager, Involatus; email:

Andrew Cuomo, Chief Commercial Officer, CTW; email:

18 November, 2020