AERTiCKET gives clout to CTW’s new consolidator distribution network

AERTiCKET has joined the CTW distribution network to make available its extensive consolidator content to travel retailers worldwide. As the largest European airline wholesaler, AERTiCKET offers its customers over 5.5 million fares.  

The CTW network allows travel retailers to access unique consolidator content from around the world through a single API. Content providers can expand their market reach to travel management companies, tour operators, and online travel agencies in new geographic regions. Retailers and consolidators can improve their bottom line with the unbeatable performance and functionalities of the CTW Platform:

  • Shop and display all fare brands, bundles and ancillary offerings in a single screen;
  • Guaranteed bookability of results;
  • No look-to-book charges;
  • Automated self-service refund, exchange, and reshop capabilities.

Though its technology CTW is enabling a global network of consolidators to expand their market base. Retailers can increase sales and improve customer service through automation of the most complex and time-consuming post-ticketing transactions.

AERTiCKET CEO Rainer Klee:“We are happy to join CTW’s new distribution network as the largest consolidator in Europe. We welcome this opportunity to extend our global reach through this innovative partnership. We are confident that the CTW shopping platform will bring in many satisfied customers.” 

CTW CEO Assen Vassilev: “CTW is very pleased with the vote of confidence that AERTiCKET has given us in distributing its vast content through our network of consolidators and content providers. The combination of superior shopping, lower fares, and impeccable service will benefit retailers as well as travelers around the world.”

About AERTiCKET: AERTiCKET started over 25 years ago in Berlin. Today, the company is one of the largest airline ticket wholesalers worldwide and has about 600 employees at 20 international locations. 10,000 travel agencies, tour operators and Internet portals are among the customers of the airline ticket wholesaler. Best possible purchase prices, a distinctive customer orientation and the development of innovative booking technologies are the company’s hallmarks. The AERTiCKET Group issues about 3.5 million tickets per year and has an annual turnover of about 2.2 billion Euros. The consolidator’s database contains 5.5 million air fares.

About CTW:  CTW has developed several generations of airline shopping and pricing systems.  The CTW Platform provides complete shopping, fares and pricing, reshopping and ancillaries. CTW Network connects content providers and retailers worldwide.  CTW Platform currently provides final pricing and repricing for 20% of all ARC/BSP issued airline tickets in the world and has operations in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. 


Susanne Roggemann, Head of Press, Public Relations, AERTiCKET; email:

Andrew Cuomo, Chief Commercial Officer, CTW; email:

19 November, 2020