Partnership picks CTW as an airline shopping and pricing platform is an online travel-tech company and the worldwide leader in virtual interline trips.’s technology and its proprietary data create a global network of more than 800 ground and air carriers. The self-connect solution allows to combine carries that don’t cooperate by providing travelers with seamless travel experience.

The CTW Platform is the most accurate airline pricing system on the market as evidenced by ATPCO’s own ratings  – in full industry compliance with all IATA mandates and ATPCO fare rules. It is also the only system to offer two years of historical flight schedules and fares with up-to-the-minute accuracy, which is crucial for the post-ticketing servicing.  With its cost-effective technology and ability to handle all refund, reissue, and revalidation scenarios CTW is enabling the automation of even the most complex transactions and itineraries that previously required painstaking manual calculations.’s Chief Product Officer Petra Vaškových commented:By adding CTW to our partners’ portfolio we’ll be able to improve the quality of our services. The extensive features of the CTW pricing system will enable us to expand’s product range and reach new customers across the globe.”

CTW CEO Assen Vassilev added: “Partnering with industry leader validates the enormous efforts we have put into becoming the most technologically advanced and accurate pricing system on the market. CTW’s goal is to create new market opportunities in multiple airline technology segments that were previously technologically impossible or prohibitively expensive.”

About was founded in 2012 by Oliver Dlouhý and Jozef Képesi. The travel tech company was created for travelers by travelers. Its proprietary algorithm – Virtual Interlining – allows users to combine flights and ground transportation from more than 800 carriers, including many that do not normally cooperate. powers more than 100 million searches every day and employs 2,000 people worldwide.

About CTW

CTW has developed several generations of airline shopping and pricing systems.  The CTW Platform provides complete shopping, fares and pricing, reshopping and ancillaries. CTW Network connects content providers and retailers worldwide.  CTW Platform currently provides final pricing and repricing for 20% of all ARC/BSP issued airline tickets in the world and has operations in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.


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