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Avtra and CTW provide airlines with innovative retailing and self-service capabilities

Avtra and CTW have partnered to enhance commercial and omnichannel distribution capabilities of the Avtra PSS platform.

The CTW Platform helps Avtra customers develop their retail strategies. Avtra carriers are now able to:

  • Create and distribute unlimited fare brands, ancillaries, and bundled offerings in all distribution channels;
  • Dynamically control their price points using industry-standard processing;
  • Expand market reach by selling interline segments in their direct channel; and
  • Provide self-service in their direct distribution channels with the most advanced reshop, exchange, and refund capabilities.

These new commercial capabilities will increase Avtra carrier revenue while increasing customer satisfaction with expanded offerings and online self-service capabilities. Furthermore, carriers will also experience a significant reduction in call center costs and revenue loss often associated with manual processing of refunds and exchanges.

Avtra CEO, Amir Hashemi:“Avtra chose CTW as a partner to enhance the solutions offered to our hosted airlines with cutting edge services, outbound interline, and self-service automation. With the CTW capabilities added, Avtra is now the perfect solution for airlines of all sizes and types. This strategic partnership will greatly advance our expansion plan, allowing us to cover the needs of new markets, and offer a better shopping experience to travelers at the same time.”

CTW CEO, Assen Vassilev: “CTW is pleased to add the innovative Avtra PSS and Distribution Platform to its customer base and to enhance its existing commercial capabilities.  The combined Avtra-CTW platform provides airlines with market-leading shopping, pricing, hosting, and retailing capabilities and full industry compliance.

About Avtra: Avtra is a specialist IT provider for the airline industry, offering end-to-end software solutions for airlines, airports and travel agents. Avtra was created with the aim of delivering innovative purpose-built IT solutions that can support modern carriers and their needs. Avtra today is a result of many years of dedication and hard work. It has been built from scratch, incorporating the latest open technologies, in a multi-tiered modular architecture – allowing for the delivery of end-to-end inventory control and distribution for airlines of all sizes and business models.

About CTW:  CTW has developed several generations of airline shopping and pricing systems.  The CTW Platform provides airlines with complete shopping, fares and pricing, reshopping and ancillaries capabilities in a fully integrated Offer and Order Management System.  CTW Platform technology currently provides final pricing and repricing for 20% of all ARC/BSP issued airline tickets in the world and has operations in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.


Luka Popovic, Media Relations, Avtra; email: luka.popovic@avtra.com

Andrew Cuomo, Chief Commercial Officer, CTW; email: acuomo@ctw.consulting