AeroCRS and CTW partner to provide airlines with new distribution and self-service capabilities

AeroCRS Ltd. and CTW are pleased to announce that they have partnered to enhance the distribution capabilities of the AeroCRS PSS platform across all segments of the market.

The CTW Platform will allow AeroCRS airlines and OTAs to further develop and enhance their retail strategies. AeroCRS customers are now able to:

  • Create and distribute unlimited branded fares, ancillaries, and bundled offerings in all channels;
  • Dynamically control their price points with industry-standard processing;
  • Expand their market reach by selling interline segments in their direct channel; and
  • Offer self-service in their direct distribution channels with the most advanced refund, reshop, and exchange capabilities.

These new retail capabilities will drive additional revenue for AeroCRS carriers while increasing customer satisfaction thanks to online self-service capabilities and expanded product offerings. Carriers and OTAs can significantly reduce call center costs and the revenue loss often associated with the manual processing of refunds and exchanges.

AeroCRS CEO Meir Hadassi Turner:“AeroCRS chose CTW as a partner in order to enhance the solution given to our hosted airlines and allow them to offer AeroCRS innovation together with the legacy approach of outbound interline and industry pricing. Together with CTW capabilities, AeroCRS is now the perfect solution for all types of airlines in all sizes.”

CTW CEO, Assen Vassilev: “CTW is pleased to announce that it is adding AeroCRS Airline Solutions to its customer base and looks forward to working with AeroCRS to expand and enhance its existing capabilities.  The combined AeroCRS-CTW product line will provide airlines and OTAs with market-leading shopping, pricing, hosting and retailing capabilities and full industry compliance.”

About AeroCRS:  AeroCRS is a highly innovative and user-friendly PSS currently in used by over 60 airlines.  The AeroCRS system includes inventory management, reservations and flights management, fares management, B2C, B2B, DCS, FFP, full reporting center, BI Dashboard, API for 3rd party integrations including GDS, OTAs and much more.

About CTW:  CTW has developed several generations of airline shopping and pricing systems. CTW Platform provides airlines with a fully integrated Offer and Order Management System complete with shopping, fares and pricing, reshopping, and ancillaries capabilities.  CTW Platform currently provides final pricing and repricing for 20% of all ARC/BSP issued airline tickets in the world and has operations in Asia, Europe and North America.  


Ram Beery, Product Manager, AeroCRS; email: 

Mario Sotirov, Chief Marketing Officer, CTW; email:

3 March, 2020